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Looking to fufill a dark fantise but need the right girl

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Looking to fufill a dark fantise but need the right girl

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Dark magic is something this diviner never saw coming. The Bartimaeus Sequence by Jonathan Stroud Buy on Amazon Add to library This imaginative four-book sequence follows a teenage magician named Nathaniel and his djinni or geniea lively spirit called Bartimaeus who enjoys disobeying his master above all else. Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook Buy on Amazon Add to library For those craving an out-of-the-box take on fantasy, these are the books for you. However, are their motives purely diplomatic, or do they have something else up their sleeves? Bounds of Redemption by M.

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28 amazing dark fantasy/supernatural thriller ya books for fans of fallen – the ya shelf

Rich, too, in characterization, this fantasy-mystery rises to the level of serious literature, leaving readers hungering for more. Connolly is new to the races and the first woman rider.

And not intentionally. Lazlo Strange, an orphaned infant who grew up to be a librarian, has had a quiet first two decades of life.

The writing is paced wonderfully and the story gripped me right away. If you're looking for a book to read and then reread several times before the next Neer movie releases, this will be perfect.

Top 25 best gritty fantasy books

She stiffened and jerked to a stop when his hand closed over her tail of hair, turning it into a tether. A book appealing to lovers of fantasy, horse stories, romance, righf action-adventure alike, this seems to have a shot at being a YA blockbuster. And now Piper suddenly has to deal with fufil past again — someone wants to kill her, and it terrifies her as much as her connection with Zane terrifies her.

The ending, two simple words, sets the stage for the next entry in the Illuminae Files, a planned trilogy. His Queen. The vampires are after her, and will always be after her.

A Jewel that had been created especially for her by the Queen who had been, and always would be, the love of his life. He wanted her desperately some nights, but even when he was gentle and careful, their lovemaking seemed to devour her strength. Lkoking Fantasy Lookiny distinct from Grimdark, though both subgenres are similar and may include elements of each other. Daemon eyed the furry companions who had ed his girl for storytime—the young Sceltie Warlord who had spoken and the younger Sceltie witch, who just wagged her tail at him.

But when she meets her hot neighbor, the whole prospect of living in a place without any stable internet connection suddenly becomes brighter.

Best fantasy series ever | reedsy discovery

A man like that was feared, but a man like that also needed a way to keep a woman with him in order to sire children and continue his bloodline. If you like vampires, romance, and a superb hard-to-put-down story, meed book is just the thing darkk you. Their marriage had had more to do with him not allowing her to leave with his child than heated passion.

Though she often uses tried-and-true fantasy tropes, Adeyemi keeps fanrise fresh with an all-black cast of characters, a meaningful emphasis on fighting for justice, a complex heroine saving her own people, and a brand of magic made more powerful by the strength of heritage and ancestry. And then, witchling, you fight with everything in you until I can get to you.

Top 25 best gritty fantasy books | #1 guide to the best fantasy books, games, movies, and more!

Sheer intoxication, like a catnip for human females. Patch is mysterious and has secrets, however. I felt the pain, heartache, joy, longing, and the frantic urgency to save one another. Whether they had sex, made love, or just cuddled a bit before going to sleep, he spent most of his nights in her bed. Was she plain? Plus of course, a tragic or star-crossed romance.

But when Katy gets attacked and Daemon freezes time to save her, Katy has fufil reconsider her opinion of him.

This Inquisition-era Spain-inspired series starter is an unforgettable journey. Suggested reading age: 15 years and older. Shae must let herself go and give in to her fury in order to save her world — but the consequences might be deadly. Printz Award winner, Jellicoe Road, steps deftly into the fantasy genre. And she has an enchanted sword. Marian set the plate of food on the table and gave him a puzzled look.

Lloking things go wrong on a tracking mission, Wisteria is left alone and facing death — until the mysterious Bach comes to rescue her. Surreal walked into the room.

Of course, that cake might have been partially responsible for him and Lucivar having to deal with overexcited children during that party. Armentrout Katy has to start over when she moves to West Virginia before her senior year. Was she pretty? Le Guin Buy on Amazon Add to library From one of the most renowned fantasy and science fiction writers of all time comes the Earthsea series, a classic yet visionary tale.

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And if you've been looking for a series to satisfy your Reylo obsession, you're gonna love Malachiasz. Slowly, the world as she has known it begins unraveling, and underneath she finds another world — a supernatural one filled with violence and ancient feuds that could destroy everything that she loves. Stepping out of their eyrie, Jillian studied the Eyrien men who were already flying over the valley.

Lady Evelyn Hasegawa, a highborn Imperial daughter, is aboard the ship to sail to an arranged marriage, accompanied by her own casket. His room.

Monstrumologist fans will be surprised to discover that Yancey grounds his multiperspective survivalist thriller in two fairly conventional YA voices: Cassie, 16, whose grim solitary existence changes when she is rescued by hunky but mysterious Evan; and Zombie, 17, ex-sports star thrown into a brutal boot camp to train as an alien killer. But after meeting her first ghost, an ordinary life ceases to be an option for her.

Bardugo expands on the world of her Grisha trilogy with this series opener, which rihgt heist and action conventions with magic and mystery. After an encounter with Nova City's mightiest hero, Shadow Star, Nick Bell sets out to change his ordinary self into an extraordinary self.